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An Exclusive In-Home Service for Family Pets

Thank you Arizona for the opportunity to serve you and your pets. 

I have relocated to Georgia and am seeking employment in a high quality salon. 

If you have questions please contact me at 602-676-4550

We are a private grooming service for esteemed family pets. Your pet will invite 2 competent and compassionate professionals into their home for pampering time. This is your pet’s preferred experience; a dignified one for the well-respected pet.

Don’t jingle your keys - don’t even worry about your leash - we want your pet relaxed, not anxious. No more car ride roulette, scary mobile van generators, or poor salon service with secrets behind doors. And yes, we welcome hugs from your pet as we come through the door.

We are just as friendly as we are experienced. Your pet care and grooming questions are welcome. Clients are invited to watch and chat during the groom, retreat to the office for ultimate productivity, or tend to other activities. Not going to be home? Just provide access for service.

This service is ideal for dogs that:  are maintained on a regular schedule, dislike the salon or car, are sensitive, senior, or simply part of your family and you care about the quality of service rendered. 

We prefer clients that:  consider their pet a “child”, desire to learn more about pet care,  desire monitoring of their pet’s wellness between vet visits, desire a social visit, appreciate the convenience and value of elite home services, work from home, are retired, or are simply seeking the best life experience and expectancy for their beloved pet.

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Jack and Derrick are excited to offer Jack Armour Pet Grooming to provide dogs and cats with the high caliber grooming experience they deserve. Working as a traveling duo allows us to pamper your pet, but also soothes anxious pets, and allows for the hands-on assistance needed to groom senior and XL pets.

Jack and Derrick provide a clean, calm, and comforting experience for your pet, with the most advanced grooming equipment, shears, and products in the industry.

  • Only premium quality shampoos, conditioners, and finishing products

  • Gentle, yet highly effective, our Prima bathing system is a treat for dogs of all ages. It oxygenates the epidermis and opens pores to release stubborn oils and dirts.

  • Premium adjustable dryers ensure each pet is optimally comfortable. 

  • Ambient music and aromatherapy, optional

  • Fully prepared for your pet, we will select the appropriate tools and equipment to meet the needs of your pet with dignity and professionalism.


Because we care about your pet's health, we are an ALL-INCLUSIVE service. Please also give feedback at the end of your appointment, should you desire alterations. We like to make the aspect of taking care of your pet easier, straightforward, and more enjoyable.

All appointments include meeting your expectations, and our pet care standards to your pet's tolerance:​

  • Sanitary Trim and Gland Expression

  • Enzymatic Teeth Cleaning and Professional Ear Cleaning

  • Prima Bath (twice) and Conditioning Treatment

  • Hydrating Pear Facial (twice) with Massage

  • Blow Out

  • Nail Clip and File

  • Protective Hair-sealing Treatment with Sunscreen

  • Professional Brushing and Deshedding

  • Complimentary Premium Perfume/Cologne (upon request)

  • Complimentary Treats (optional)

  • Aromatherapy and Ambient Music (optional)

  • Training

  • White-glove Cleaning and Disinfecting during and after the Appointment

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Jack and his grooming suite are first class! The environment is very inviting, clean, safe and relaxing. Jack is compassionate, caring and extremely skilled in his profession. Maggie, our Wire Fox Terrier, has fallen in love with him and she looks great! So happy that Jack is Maggie’s groomer!! We highly recommend Jack Armour for your furbaby(s). You won’t be all.

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