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Jack Armour


Welcome to Jack Armour Pet Grooming!  Thank you for trusting me with your loved one.  My interest in animals sparked during childhood when I would groom Sissy the maltipoo on my nana’s washing machine.  Since, I have been a dedicated, life-long groomer of 15+ years, amassing invaluable experiences working with world-class groomers across the country.  I view grooming as a form of art and have become a compassionate and detail-oriented groomer.  In addition to providing a luxurious experience for your pet, I am an eco-friendly operation.  In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, cooking, and spending time with my family, including my standard poodle, Ava.

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Derrick Douglas


Prior to obtaining a BS in Biochemistry at ASU, I aided in human rehabilitation as part of a physical therapy team. At ASU, I studied dog behavior, physics, anatomy/physiology, and biology. I have a deep passion for wellness, and a focus on optimal physiological functioning, biomechanics, and mental health.  As I finished my degree, I watched Jack further advance his grooming career, and I became jealous of all the time he gets to spend with dogs. Dogs are not just our pets, they are living, functioning beings that experience physical and mental stress just like we do. Dogs feel tired, anxious, sad, happy, and even pain. This may be indicative of an underlying condition requiring veterinary care, but other times our pets just need respite and attention. Thus, I am excited to combine my love of science and dogs into massage & grooming services! In my spare time, I enjoy learning, furthering my personal wellness, and spending time with family.

From the age of 4, I have always had a fascination with dogs; I always wanted one as a child, but was not allowed! The next door neighbor had 5 dogs, and always needed someone to dog sit while out of town, so of course I considered myself lucky to be the one trusted to care for 5 cool dogs at one time. My favorite part of dog sitting was playing, petting, and bonding with the dogs. This deepened my connection with all dogs, and of course had me in desperation for one by adulthood.  Since dog ownership, my love has only grown stronger.

Staff: About
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