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In-home Grooming Services

Because we care about your pet's health, we are an ALL-INCLUSIVE service. We have no added fees - only pay for your appointment cost, listed below. Please also give feedback at the end of your appointment, should you desire alterations. We like to make the aspect of taking care of your pet easier, straightforward, and more enjoyable.

What to expect:

  • Pets must be willing and tolerant of the grooming process

  • Pets are groomed in-home and by appointment

  • Clients are expected to be home or provide entry to the home for the scheduled appointment time 

  • We will setup grooming equipment in a powered and air conditioned area of your choice:

    • Area to setup grooming table

    • Access to water and a space to wash and blow dry pet - may be in separate room

  • Cleaning will be provided during the appointment, and upon completion.

  • Please let us know of any additional required accommodations.​

All appointments include meeting your expectations, and our pet care standards to your pet's tolerance:

  • Sanitary Trim and Gland Expression

  • Enzymatic Teeth Cleaning and Professional Ear Cleaning

  • Prima Bath (twice) and Conditioning Treatment

  • Hydrating Pear Facial (twice) with Massage

  • Blow Out

  • Nail Clip and File

  • Protective Hair-sealing Treatment with Sunscreen

  • Professional Brushing and Deshedding

  • Complimentary Premium Perfume/Cologne (

    upon request


  • Complimentary Treats (optional)

  • Aromatherapy and Ambient Music (optional)

  • Training

  • White-glove Cleaning and Disinfecting during and after the Appointment

Full Service



Small 4-20 lbs

Medium 20-45 lbs

Large 45-70lbs

XL 70+ lbs

Bath & Tidy



Small 4-20 lbs

Medium 20-45 lbs

Large 45-70lbs

XL 70+ lbs

Feline Care


Currently not accepting new clients


Full Service

Bath & Tidy

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