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Grooming Services

What to Expect:

  • Pets must be willing and tolerant of the grooming process for services requested

  • Styling requests for a matted pet

    may require multiple appointments.  

    All dematting appointments will be booked as a Full Service Groom.

  • New Clients

    must book their first appointment online; subsequent appointments can be booked via any method.

  • Appointment check in will not be permitted after 15 minutes late.

    Pet parents


    will be asked to reschedule and are subject to cancellation fees equal to the services requested.

  • Pets are to be

    picked up immediately

    upon receipt of courtesy text.

  • Please take pet to 

    restroom prior.

  • No kennels

     - pets will relax in a safe, clean play area

  • Payment

    is made at pet pickup.

  • Jack and Derrick

     will both be caring for your pet during the appointment -

    XL, senior, and anxious dogs are welcome

    and loved.

Arizona State law requires pets to be vaccinated for rabies - all other vaccinations are recommended. Puppies not yet old enough for rabies vaccination are welcome after receiving all recommended pre-rabies booster shots.

Because we care about your pet's health, we are an all-inclusive salon. 

Full Service Groom appointments will include any custom or breed specific haircut/styling requests, while all appointments include our pet care standards to your pet's tolerance:

  • Detailed Sanitary Trim and Gland Expression

  • Enzymatic Teeth Cleaning and Professional Ear Cleaning

  • Prima Bath (twice) and Restorative Conditioning Treatment

  • Blow Out with adjustable dryers

  • Nail Clip and Diamond bit Dremel filing

  • Protective Hair-sealing Treatment with Sunscreen

  • Professional Brushing and full Deshedding

  • Groomer’s general health check of eyes, ears, teeth, skin, hair, private areas, nails, and behavior, along with recommendations

  • Complimentary Premium Perfume/Cologne (optional)

  • Complimentary Treats (optional)

  • Complimentary accessories made in house (optional)

  • Aromatherapy (optional) and Ambient Music

  • Cushioned pet waiting area with blanket and pillow

  • Cleaning and disinfecting the salon immediately, as needed and between appointments

Bath & Tidy


75-120 minutes

Small Dog 4-20 lbs, $120

Medium Dog 20-45 lbs, $145

Large Dog 45-70 lbs, $165

XL Dog 70+ lbs, $200

Full Service Groom


90-150 minutes

Small Dog 4-20 lbs, $145

Medium Dog 20-45 lbs, $185

Large Dog 45-70 lbs, $235

XL Dog 70+ lbs, $275

Cat Grooming


75-90 minutes

Cat Groom, $175

Cat Bath and Tidy, $140

Non-toxic Nail Caps, $50

Grooming: Services
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